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Floor Polisher,  17LS3, 1 Speed, with Weight

Floor Polisher, 17LS3, 1 Speed, with Weight

Technicals Features

Title Description
Head size 17″
RPM Low : 180
Motor 1,5 HP
Brush Covert Stainless Steel
Power cord 50′
Amperage 14,4 A
Drive Pad 16″ Not Included: Optional
Handle Extremely durable & convenient adjustment
Weight 86 lb
Warranty 2 year
Propane Floor Polisher, Onyx Black Diamond

Propane Floor Polisher, Onyx Black Diamond

Product Details
The Onyx line of Black Diamond UHS propane-powered burnishers produces a superior ‘wet look’ shine, quickly and easily, on all hard surface floor types. Built for extreme durability, reliability, and safety, they are favored by floor care professionals, building service contractors and facility service providers around the world for creating beautifully slip-resistant surfaces. Especially suited for use in large and small retail stores, grocery, ‘big box’ stores, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, office buildings, airports, convention centers, entertainment venues, educational and institutional facilities our Black Diamond burnishers proudly wear EPA, CARB and CE badges. Onyx Black Diamond burnishers have earned their reputation for being productive, reliable, and safe.
Productivity | Each Black Diamond features a powerful propane engine that maintains speed under heavy loads.
Reliability | The Black Diamond series is designed and built to be durable, dependable and with safety at the forefront. These burnishers feature rugged cast aluminum powder-coated housings, harpoon-faced pad drivers to reduce pad expansion, and long-lasting, maintenance-free gel batteries.
Safety | Powered by certified safe (EPA, CARB, CE) engines, Onyx Black Diamond burnishers are safe for the environment and safe for operators. EnviroGard fuel systems that produce safe emission levels, low-oil shutdown, high-emission shutdown, and safe-fill fuel cylinders are just a few of the onboard safety features offered.

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