Autoscrubber, Johnny Vac Traction of 22″

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With the JVC56BT you are sure always to get the job done. Because it is a simple but efficient machine: washing, brushing, and suction are all done at a time. The floor would be as clean as a new one; dirty water, mud, sand, stains and oil contamination are all systematically sucked into the recovery tank. It can significantly simplify cleaning work, reduce workload, rapidly clear away all dirty on the floor and enhance hygienic quality, especially for areas covering 500 sqm- 2000 sqm.

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Key-Type Switch
V-shape Squeegee Assembly: No Stains or Waste Water Residues
Squeegee Blades can be Used in Four Directions
Battery meter: timing function for operation easy for man-hour calculation
Special air ducts for motor air intake and exhaust: have cold and hot air unmixed guaranteeing service life of the motor
Brush system adopts automatic assembly and disassembly design without any tools
Voltage / Propelling system: 12 VDC x 2
Batteries (gel) and charger included


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